Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Make Me Smile

Some pictures we took for dad's b-day card....

a very windy day...

a very windy day...missing my adobe photoshop program but picasa will do. I obviously didn't bribe them enough to smile. Still fun and a little abstract! Taken a week ago on our way to church.
One windy day...and I obvious didn't bribe my kids enough to just give me a smile for 5 min. I'm missing not having adobe photoshop to really have fun with these pictures but they are still fun. I actually took these a week ago on our way to church.

Monday, February 25, 2008

When life gives you snow....make a party out of it!!!

07 christmas card

07 christmas card

Mexico without kids

we did a high adventure tour in Puerto Villarta, zip lined over the canopy tops hundreds of feet in the air.. after riding donkey's to get to the peak of the jungle. Then repelled down waterfalls in to pools of water!! Has to be the funnest trip ever!!!

My Kiddos...