Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning sickness got the best of me this time. I haven't had my camera out much. Just wanted to thank all my friends who e-mail and post comments. I sure have great friends and feel very loved!
Thought I would update everyone on my family. Still here in Colorado, the kids have become very close living out so far from city life. Ry has become my best friend these days, snuggling, chatting, and just caring for me. He's really helped mom along this pregnancy!
Ash is mother #2, she loves caring for Sky, watching Renn when I'm dead to the world napping each afternoon. She's become an excellent cook, and her menu increases weekly. Today she made choc-dipped strawberries on her own for a "Texas Picnic" she and Renn were having outside complete with boots, hats, and large stuffed animal horses.
Renn is a great brother to Sky, always happy and excited for her new achievements or trying to keep her content by handing her dolls and candy. He learned to write and enjoys coloring for hours like his siblings.
Sky, well, still a whirlwind! She is so funny with hundreds of facial expressions, new words, and determination she can climb into any cabinet in the house. I guess she genetically didn't get a fear of height from Kip or I.
Needless to say, they're what bring joy to my life each day...and sometimes head aches but mostly joy.
I finally was able to walk out my door without a coat today and it not be in the 30's! This is much to be thankful for since I can't stay warm to save my life. Hopefully I'll be better about posting more picts.
Enjoy Spring!!!!!

Back again, a year later and I finally found time to do what I love. This is a great kid I photographed in my ward. Great guy, going to culinary school this summer. I hope one of my kids has that passion!
p.s. thanks Angie for the photoshop tips!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

kip with the kiddos after a day of rock climbing in the canyon