Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Morning of Christmas.... "in the Davis house"

Twas the morning of Christmas,
when all through the house, stomachs were churning and
tossing cookies through the house!

Their stockings were hung, with no chimney this year,
in hopes that their flu would soon disappear.

Our kids were up wishing, for toilet so near,
with visions of vomit and eyes full of tears.

With dad disinfecting, and mom rubbing backs,
in fear of getting sick from their germs as they yak.

When what do their wondering eyes did they see,
why Santa had come, how could this be?

Trying hard to feel well and unwrap with glee,
they sprang to their toilets and hovered to their knees

Aften one child began... it soon became three,
all sad and crying in hopes this would just leave.

After hours of passing and much needed sleep
"Healthy Sky" became restless and just had to peek!

And because of her brightness she soon would discover,
she had everyones toys to play with and hover.

But after a much trying day, for all kids who were sick,
they stilled loved their Christmas and thanked good Ol' St. Nick!

And me feeling grateful for kids who endured this so well,
Mom is SO PROUD to be blessed with children SO SWELL!

My TWO Wild Things...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryland Turns 11!

  My... time is flying by! My "Ry-Guy" turned 11 years old! Only 8 more years and he'll be on his mission. I'm embarrassed to say I already cry when I think of him leaving.
  His spirit really is older and wiser than mine! He behave's like a 40 yr old at time. We left him for about 20 minutes to babysit Sky who wasn't feeling well so I could run to my sisters and Kip could get her some sprite. In that 20 minutes Sky had lost her cookies.... he had picked up and straitened the house and swept the floors.
  This kid love's skating!!!! He skates or watches someone skate on the internet 90% of his free time! He's has hit the pre-teen  years but I love that he'll still imagine and pretend with his younger siblings! His creativity puts mine to shame! He's an amazing artist and is always thinking outside the box!
  Hugs to my wonderful Ryland.... Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

... changes

  Yesterday I was released from my primary chorister calling and into Enrichment ... "again" yes you can ALL laugh who have seen me serve this calling over and over all over the US! I was sad to see all the kids rush from the Chapel to Primary without me! I never thought I could love other's kids as much as my own, but I definitely felt this way.
  I will miss Jessica Lassen snuggling on my lap, anxious participation from Timothy Tickal, funny comments from Kate Harmon, and many more! These kids are truly heaven sent and were a huge blessing for 2 years in my life....


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding Joy in the Journey...

       Every night I settle into bed, say my prayers, try to count all the blessing of the day, and listen to the "Mormon Channel" on my I-phone to Conference talks! What a wonderful time to ponder, reflect, and be uplifted. This week I listened to Pres. Monson's Conference talk for Fall 2008 called Finding Joy in the Journey!
     A little over a month ago after being crammed packed with photo shoots and fitting Zumba, volunteering at the school... etc. I realized these were all good thing but something had to go. So I eliminated teaching at the gym, scheduled myself to be at home more with the kids and to try to spend quality and "non-stress time" with them. To organize my schedule with my family FIRST!
  This talk reassured me of what I was doing and made me appreciate my commitment to my family. I think off all the years, rushing through the day thinking that "tomorrow" will be better, "tomorrow" we'll DO better, tomorrow we'll make more money, "tomorrow" we'll be out of dental school, ...
 and I love his quote. "....if you live for the tomorrows, you'll wake up and find you only have a whole lot of empty yesterdays!"
  Isn't this true...! Now is the day, to have fun, enjoy the moment, soak up everything your kids do. I often think of Sis. Hinckley saying... she'd rather laugh her way through than cry! What a great outlook!
   I've only have today, once! By darn, "I'm going to love it!" This is my new motto to live by for the new year!

Ashtyn's Christmas Program

My Favorite Letter of the year!

More Catching UP....

Another Davis chosen to have art displayed in a real Art Gallery! Last year it was Ash, this year it goes to Ryland!... Congrats!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I totally want Kip to do this for my boys!!!! LOVE IT!

Something to make you smile! See more on


4 Months of pure "Craziness!"

So I hope I don't forget much...  I will summarize!...

   Kid's started school, 1,2, & 5th grades. 1 Preschooler. Ashtyn turned 9 in Sept. Brie turned 2 in Nov. Soccer, Soccer, Soccer! Ryland made the travel soccer team which has been great! We even squeezed a "beach trip" in for one of Ry's soccer tournaments this fall! Kip coached Renn's soccer team, and all the kids participated in Tumbling! Add that with achievement day girls, cub scouts, teaching Zumba, and close to 75 photo shoots, we've been busy! We even fit many skate park adventures in between that! We had "Grandma & Papa" come visit, built a fireplace with us and create some more Christmas decorations for the dental office at Kip work. We've worked, played, and really are enjoying some down time with the kids for the winter months! Time is flying by!
  I've cut back teaching at the gym to allow myself more balance between photography and being a mom. My kids pretend their me sitting at the computer editing while talking to clients or family on my cell phone! But I only edit when they are sleeping or kids at school and baby napping for the most part. At least that's my goal.
  Hoping to get a "getaway" this winter with Kip and maybe the kids!
    I've had overwhelming feelings of gratitude the past few weeks! I've had such a wonderful life with incredible friends who are so dear to me. From college roomies to neighbors, I love and miss them all. This time of year I love getting Christmas cards and usually cry because I miss everyone! I "adore" Kip but I do miss my "girls!" Life is great, I know we are supposed to be here in the "boro." Kip is happy here and finding much success in his dental practice.

   So with ALL that said hopefully I can catch you up with just a few photos...

... feel free to follow us on FB. My photography page is updated pretty often... enough to keep me from blogging!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catching up!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peach Pikin' August 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

LegoLand... the surpise for our kids in Cali....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My lil' Drama Queen... Dress up in Aunt Brittney's old attire!

Utah Adventures!

  An "Everyone's birthday/ Sky's b-day"... a present for every grandkid... So FUN! Fishing with yummy treats.... as always with Grandma! Tubing down canals, visiting GREAT friends, riding 4-wheelers, & the 24th Parade celebrating Pioneer day! My kids were SO excited to be sprayed by the firetruck. Fun playing with cousins, pampering Grandpa after a bad motorcycle accident, and SAD goodbyes! 
  Trip to Salt Lake included more cousins, staying with Auntie Shannon, rafting down the Weber River with the Foy clan, and Kari getting night out with her much loved roomies from college after 11 years of not seeing one another..... GREAT TIMES and already counting down for another visit hopefully this winter!