Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 Months of pure "Craziness!"

So I hope I don't forget much...  I will summarize!...

   Kid's started school, 1,2, & 5th grades. 1 Preschooler. Ashtyn turned 9 in Sept. Brie turned 2 in Nov. Soccer, Soccer, Soccer! Ryland made the travel soccer team which has been great! We even squeezed a "beach trip" in for one of Ry's soccer tournaments this fall! Kip coached Renn's soccer team, and all the kids participated in Tumbling! Add that with achievement day girls, cub scouts, teaching Zumba, and close to 75 photo shoots, we've been busy! We even fit many skate park adventures in between that! We had "Grandma & Papa" come visit, built a fireplace with us and create some more Christmas decorations for the dental office at Kip work. We've worked, played, and really are enjoying some down time with the kids for the winter months! Time is flying by!
  I've cut back teaching at the gym to allow myself more balance between photography and being a mom. My kids pretend their me sitting at the computer editing while talking to clients or family on my cell phone! But I only edit when they are sleeping or kids at school and baby napping for the most part. At least that's my goal.
  Hoping to get a "getaway" this winter with Kip and maybe the kids!
    I've had overwhelming feelings of gratitude the past few weeks! I've had such a wonderful life with incredible friends who are so dear to me. From college roomies to neighbors, I love and miss them all. This time of year I love getting Christmas cards and usually cry because I miss everyone! I "adore" Kip but I do miss my "girls!" Life is great, I know we are supposed to be here in the "boro." Kip is happy here and finding much success in his dental practice.

   So with ALL that said hopefully I can catch you up with just a few photos...

... feel free to follow us on FB. My photography page is updated pretty often... enough to keep me from blogging!


Ashley said...

Such beautiful photography & such beautiful kids! Sounds like you guys are doing well. xoxo

The Johnson Family said...

Gotta love pure craziness!! Your kids are so adorable and the photos are amazing!