Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryland Turns 11!

  My... time is flying by! My "Ry-Guy" turned 11 years old! Only 8 more years and he'll be on his mission. I'm embarrassed to say I already cry when I think of him leaving.
  His spirit really is older and wiser than mine! He behave's like a 40 yr old at time. We left him for about 20 minutes to babysit Sky who wasn't feeling well so I could run to my sisters and Kip could get her some sprite. In that 20 minutes Sky had lost her cookies.... he had picked up and straitened the house and swept the floors.
  This kid love's skating!!!! He skates or watches someone skate on the internet 90% of his free time! He's has hit the pre-teen  years but I love that he'll still imagine and pretend with his younger siblings! His creativity puts mine to shame! He's an amazing artist and is always thinking outside the box!
  Hugs to my wonderful Ryland.... Happy Birthday!