Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Morning of Christmas.... "in the Davis house"

Twas the morning of Christmas,
when all through the house, stomachs were churning and
tossing cookies through the house!

Their stockings were hung, with no chimney this year,
in hopes that their flu would soon disappear.

Our kids were up wishing, for toilet so near,
with visions of vomit and eyes full of tears.

With dad disinfecting, and mom rubbing backs,
in fear of getting sick from their germs as they yak.

When what do their wondering eyes did they see,
why Santa had come, how could this be?

Trying hard to feel well and unwrap with glee,
they sprang to their toilets and hovered to their knees

Aften one child began... it soon became three,
all sad and crying in hopes this would just leave.

After hours of passing and much needed sleep
"Healthy Sky" became restless and just had to peek!

And because of her brightness she soon would discover,
she had everyones toys to play with and hover.

But after a much trying day, for all kids who were sick,
they stilled loved their Christmas and thanked good Ol' St. Nick!

And me feeling grateful for kids who endured this so well,
Mom is SO PROUD to be blessed with children SO SWELL!


Lindsay said...

Kari, that is so cute. i love it. you are so creative. sorry your kids were sick for christmas though. that puts quite the damper in the day.