Friday, April 3, 2009

"Are we done??"

10 years of marriage and 5 kids later I'm still trying to convince myself that my family is complete.....

- when you dream at night that someone else is mulching your yard
- when your 90 year old aunt with alhzheimers asks how many kids you have and than says..."hunny, that's a big family, you don't want any more do you?" every 5 minutes
-when instint sest in to wipe a childs nose, when it's not your child...
-when you get in your minni van and have to do a head count while your reversing out of the driveway..
- when you don't fit in your many van and have to double buckle 2 of your kids
- when your vacuum is your best friend and used more than your dishwasher
-when you do 6 + loads of laundry a week
-when your bed time is at 8:30 with the rest of the kids
-when restocking toilet paper is a daily task
-when your kids have stinky feet from not being able to find clean socks for the day-when you envy people with 2 dishwasher and double ovens
-when you start saving for a second refridgerator
-when they don't make big enough bike racks for everyones bikes
-when you've stopped to "pee" too many times you start handing your boys water bottles instead
-when your breasts become just a resource of nutrition and are seen way too much in public
-when you go to your 90 year old reatives house for a "get away"
-when your pleading for a vacation
-when you've stepped on at least 3 legos a day
-when the idea of a live in maid crosses your mind every day-when you can only go to the grocery store after 9pm, and everyone stares at you a a cart load of groceries...
-when your neighbors know you as "the family with all the kids in the street"
-when you have to make more than 1 pinewood derby car
-when you run out of hats and gloves on snow days and you start make due with socks or anything for that matter
-when you budget for paper products
-when a dozen fresh baked cookies disappear within 30 seconds
-when the cost of airplane tickets is more than the vacation itself
-when your first remodeling projects includes a larger laundry room
-when you take up an entire pew at church-when you run out of wall space for your kids art-when you see 4 or more scooters on your front porch
-when you and your hubby race to get a "break" on your fathers lawn mower during the summer ( 15 acres can really be soothing)
( just trying to convince myself that I'm done....I love it, love it, love it and would not trade it for the world, motherhood is the greatest blessing my Father in Heaven has blessed me with, I'm grateful for my "chill" hubby and that we can laugh at the life we're living...I wouldn't have it any other way....)