Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another humbling moment...

   .... simply reflecting on the past few weeks of my life.... my perspectives, expectations, desires... and within just a few simple weeks have been humbled and changed my views in so many ways! Big new houses, kids running, and that are very athletic, etc. So many expectations for myself and my kids!.. Looking on the internet for the next tropical vacation..... all this is completely insignificant in the big picture!

  About 6 weeks ago my best friend and little sister gave birth to baby 3. This gal has been dealt her cards of challenges... she lost her first baby after a few hours of life. Husband lost his job, their home feel through, and so much more on her plate..... waiting for this perfect little boy to arrive and find out only moments of actually making it full term, her baby was born with a brain disorder. 27 day's in the NICU, to be told daily that he may never walk, that he may have seizures throughout his life, and even may never speak and that they will have to learn sign language. And yet holding this sweet baby, and knowing it will be an accomplishment or even miracle to prove these doctors wrong, has changed my life!

  In a few weeks they will literally be in a home less than a 1/4 mile away. And just day's before her birth we felt we needed a bigger home, were looking for land, ready to build. And now, none of that matters! I can't find it a fluke that in this time of our lives, God did not have his hand in this?

  I have been more than humbled, I have children that speak, swallow, run, write. I have a roof over my head, cars that work, a loving husband who is an amazing father! My trials that once seemed unbearable are completely insignificant!

  I love John Bytheway's talk, "5 scriptures that will help you through almost anything!" He talks of life being like a 3 act play... preexistence, now, and life after death.... This part of the act is only for, "a moment" in the big picture! What reassurance the God loves us, that this angel is going to bless us and be perfect in the next life. I can't help but feel God's love in our lives!


The Johnson Kiddos said...
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The Johnson Family said...

That was beautiful and just what I needed to read today. Life can be so hard, but with a little perspective I am so unbelievably blessed. Thanks Kar, I pray the best for your sister and her sweet little one.

GrowingRopers said...

so beautiful, Kari. I am so glad that Brit has you, sisters are the best. Its so wonderful that you two are so close.